The Best BBQ Sauce | Jamie & Buddy Oliver

The Best BBQ Sauce | Jamie & Buddy Oliver

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The Best BBQ Sauce | Jamie & Buddy Oliver

Sticky, sweet, full of flavour and spice this amazing barbecue sauce recipe will rock your world! Jamie got some help making it today when little Buddy Oliver popped into the Food Tube kitchen. What a pro!

It goes great on chicken and pork but is a great addition to any grill. PLUS you can make it once and keep it in the fridge for ages. Bonus.

What’s your secret ingredient for the perfect BBQ sauce guys? Please share your secrets in the comments box and tell us what you like to serve it with.

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Crock-pot Grape Jelly and BBQ Sauce Meatballs Recipe.
Meatball, ketchup, sloppy joe sauce, grape jelly & sweet chili sauce
Easy Appetizer for Parties and Potlucks. How to video.

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4-5 lbs. Frozen Italian Meatballs(or vegetarian, or vegan meatballs)
1 can (16oz) Sloppy Joe Sauce (Hunt’s Manwich Sauce)
2 cups BBQ Sauce (I used sweet baby ray’s)
2 cups Grape Jelly (Welches concord grape jelly)
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup sweet chili sauce.

Place all ingredients in crock-pot, turn on low heat for 8hrs or more. To make them faster you can use high heat for 2hrs or until the meatballs are hot.

You can also use vegetarian or vegan meatballs such as those from Quorn, they work well for this recipe and I’ve made mini patches for parties for non-meat eaters.


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